Worship And God

In this modern day and age we have “It Is Written” and “Thus Saith The Lord” being challenged by the philosophy of “Well, I Believe” and “I Don’t See What Is Wrong With It”.
We now live In an age when the the world says “Take Me To Church” meaning let’s have a rocking good time, like when the children of Israel danced around the golden calf. God abhorred that style of worship, then and now.
There was one tribe that never got involved inn any part of that worship, and that was the tribe of Levi. God appointed the worship leadership of worshi in the sanctuary, synagogue, church, to the tribe of Levi for their loyalty to Him. Even though the tribe of Levi may not continue today, God’s Standard Does.
The tribe of Judah was never granted that privilege, neither was King David. David was not allowed to build the sanctuary, neither was he called to lead out in worship because he had innocent blood on his hands. The blood of Uriah,Bathshebas’s husband.